Ladyboy Life Podcast 02: Zumba Marshan


In this episode of the Ladyboy Life Podcast we speak with Marshan Ruiz from Zumba Marshan. She talks about her latest success as a certified Zumba instructor here in Bangkok and also discusses the many challenges she has faced in her life since she was a child in Cebu City, Philippines.

Please visit for more info and photos of Marshan. You can also find her on the Zumba Marshan Facebook page and on Instagram.

It is truly an honor for us to be able to celebrate and share Asia’s wonderfully vibrant transgender culture with the rest of the world. Ladyboy Life will showcase many talented and successful Thai ladyboys as well as other accomplished transgender women from Asia and beyond. We promise to provide our audience with honest and informative content that we hope will help them gain a better understanding of what life in today’s world is like for a ladyboy.


  1. Thanks for this awesome Interview and I wish to inspire more transgenders who are dreaming to become successful in their fields.

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring story! To be able to stay focused and persevere though a life time of people telling you to be something you didn’t feel in your heart but you keep going to pursue your dreams is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Marshan that a great instructor !! She loves your job, I love your interview, it’s authentic like you.

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