The Rules

We encourage everyone to participate and share their thoughts, but we do have a few rules and guidelines for posting content – whether it be Posts or in-thread comments – on Ladyboy Life.

Links are not allowed: Posts, comments, usernames or avatars with links will be deleted. This includes any reference to another website or business without our prior approval.

Profanity and Vulgarity: All profane or vulgar material will be deleted. If you can’t resist, keep the explicit words as mild as possible.

Personal Attacks: Any derogatory remarks made toward a fellow user will be deleted – even if you’re not alone in thinking it’s deserved.

Intolerance: Any comment or content containing intolerance of other groups (i.e. homophobic, sexist or racist commentary) will be deleted.

Politics: Any discussion containing political dialogue that devolves into something unrelated to ladyboys will be deleted.

Religion: Religious conversations will be deleted. Exceptions can be made, but we expect those to be very rare cases.

If you break the rules: First-time offenders will be warned. Second-time offenders will be suspended and must request reinstatement. Third-time offenders will be banned permanently.