Making Hum Hain Happy – 6 Pack Band


The 6 Pack Band has enjoyed immense success with their first single “Hum Hain Happy” and are set to release their second song “Sab Rab De Bande” on January 26th. The video shown above provides an interesting look into how the band got started and the concept behind their first music video.

The following is from Y-films:

The 6 Pack Band – India’s 1st Transgender Band kick-starts with a single that captures their never give up, never stop smiling attitude – a fantastic cover rendition of Pharrell William’s global hit ‘Happy’ – as ‘Hum Hain Happy’ which was unveiled by one of India’s most respected singers and National Award Winner Sonu Nigam. The band’s second song is a special collaboration with Sonu Nigam which talks about how we are all children of one God. We are one and the same and God does not differentiate or single out any one child. This song will be released on  26th January – it’s on this very day India became a Republic and adopted the Constitution. Republic Day carries immense significance for every Indian citizen and every community to be encouraged and inspired!

The response to the first song has been spectacular! Over a million views in less than 48 hours is no mean feat! The reactions have been awesome and overwhelmingly positive and the band has been globally embraced –  MTV International,  BuzzFeed, 9 Gag and Mashable have all writen about the The 6 Pack Band. The iconic transgender and founder of the band Against Me! Laura Jane Grace also tweeted her support  🙂